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Who’s in Our Slack Community?

Curious to know who you’ll be interacting with in our virtual community? Check out some of the bios below for a sneak peak into who’s perusing the channels in the Writing Grid Slack Workspace.

Jack Vawdrey – Writing Grid Director

Jack’s wife thinks he’s crazy for waking up at 5 am almost every day. But for him it’s a small sacrifice to find the time to make Writing Grid come to life. Jack is bent on making freelance writing the joy it was meant to be, and Writing Grid was born out of that passion. Through the Writing Grid blog and Slack Community, Jack hopes up-and-coming and writing mavens alike can love their lives as freelance writers.

Kelly Creighton – Content Alchemist

Kelly Creighton (Write Content Alchemist LLC) has a B.A. in philosophy and English, a M.A. in English, and has been writing for over a decade for Fortune 500 companies, startups, nonprofits, and reputable publications. She is a research nerd and loves discovering new organizations and technology that makes others’ lives better or easier. She has a business savvy not common in most writers and weaves it into everything she writes. She also reads A LOT, wanders around in book stores and neighborhood parks, works as a literacy tutor, and hikes in the Rockies with her husband and hound dogs named Daisy and Lilly when she’s not writing.

Adrienne Jack – B2B Writer, Marketer and Editor

Adrienne is an ex-content marketing specialist who began freelancing in 2015. She writes, edits, and repurposes B2B content for companies in SaaS, technology, and marketing & advertising. Her favorite things about it: nerding out on data, learning and creating new things day in, day out, and educating other business owners and writers along the way. A UK-born Bostonian currently based in Missouri, Adrienne also went freelance to pursue her love for traveling. She lives with her partner and two gorgeous cats. View her portfolio here.

Tina Eaton – Master Content Writer

While you’re reading this, Tina is either thinking about or eating pizza. Other things she enjoys almost as much are traveling, living small, spending way too long reading articles on Medium, listening to groan-worthy 2000s pop-punk, researching about but probably never actually building a compost pile, and creating content marketing storytelling.

Forget what you’ve heard. Content marketing is far from dead—but it is changing. Consumers are savvy and they’re sick of the SEO-stuffed, low-value bull most brands are cranking out.

Tina believes in treating readers and consumers like actual humans and giving them what they crave: Content and experiences that provide so much value, they can’t help but rave about your brand. And keep comin’ back for more.

Learn more about her writing services here.